You can choose and customize your own type of wedding service:


Brief 5- to 10-minute ceremony

Bruce will help you plan your ceremony through a brief telephone conversation.


Personalized, 20- to 30-minute ceremony

This option normally involves two meetings with Bruce. There is no charge or obligation for the first meeting during which you will get acquainted with each other, learn how Bruce works with couples in the planning process and share with him your own ideas and dreams for your wedding.

If you select Bruce as your Officiant he will send you his Wedding Planning Booklet and a simple contract that outlines his role in your wedding. When you have selected what you want included in your ceremony Bruce will assemble a script of the ceremony for your review in preparation for the second meeting. At that meeting you will review the ceremony in detail and any questions you have will be answered. You will leave the second meeting with a very clear picture of how your wedding ceremony will progress from the time your guests arrive until you leave as husband and wife.

On the day of the wedding Bruce will serve as the ceremony coordinator. He normally arrives 30 minutes early, talks with the musicians about the ceremony, makes sure the ushers understand their role, gets the family members lined up in the order they will be seated, assembles the groomsmen and bridesmaids for the processional and then starts the ceremony.

If you wish, you may also have a wedding rehearsal so that everyone will feel comfortable on your wedding day. The rehearsal will take no longer than one-hour.

A wedding officiant for those who wish to be married in the true spirit of love